GL108 Components

The Balaji GL108 Navaratna Gem Lamp consists of an electronic instrument encased in steel with a front control panel to set the desired frequencies and times of treatments. It has been certified by US government approved testing laboratories to meet all required specifications for such a device to be sold in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe, which makes it also approved for most all other countries in the world. It is supplied with two gem lamps made of heat-resistant materials, one set of nine natural, untreated gems, two sets of nine specialty color filters and two tripods to support the lamps' use.

The Instrument Control Panel

The electronic instruments' control panel has a back-lit 40 character, 2-line display panel. It is divided into two parts so two lamps may be used simultaneously with different operating frequencies and/or times for treatment with the gem lamps. All frequencies are set, as well as the timers, with soft buttons on the display panel, which will never wear out. The frequencies used are from a slow delta frequency of 1-2 HZ to a beta frequency up to 16HZ. There is a universal power supply so the unit will automatically accept any voltage from 100 to 240 volts with no need of changing settings, much like the power supplies used in modern computers today.

The Lamps

The lamps use 1/4 inch stereo type plugs to plug into the electronic instrument. The frequency is imposed upon the copper coil embedded around the lamp and settings are there to allow the lamp bulb to stay on constantly or to pulse the light along with the HZ setting of the desired frequency. Either way the full frequency is imposed upon the light itself and thus upon the gemstone within the lamp. There are two high power lenses on the outside and the changing of gems is achieved quickly and easily by unscrewing the outer lens by hand. When necessary the bulb may be changed quickly by unscrewing hand screws on the back of the lamp, allowing the lamp to open and the bulb to be in full view. The old one is taken out and the new one is snapped into place.

The Tripods

The tripods we are using are state-of-the-art "century stands" like used in movie studios around the world. They can be extended to a distance far longer than any practitioner would ever need and the lamp turned to beam in any and all directions. All joints and adjustments are hand turned and will never wear out nor "slip" as with all metal tripod stands. A counter weight bag is also supplied should a distance of 6-10 feet ever be needed from the main stand position. The lamps screw easily and securely onto the top of the tripod stand units.

The Gems

A set of 9 precious gemstones are supplied with each unit. The gems used are transparent, (except for the pearl, red coral and the chrysoberyl cats-eye, which are never transparent) and are of beautiful natural color. All are over 1 carat in weight, except the diamond which is approximately 1/2 carat in weight, and several as much as 3 carats in weight. They are ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite garnet and chrysoberyl cats-eye. All of the gems supplied are of extremely high quality, making them "precious" and thus powerful and therefore suitable for healing purposes.

Color Filters

The color filters are designed exclusively to fit over the gemstones in the outer lens cap and are specifically made to allow only one ray of colored light to penetrate them, the same being used as that emanated by the particular gemstone being used for the treatment. In many cases several filters are put together as one to get the exact color specification needed for the particular gemstone. Two sets of 9 filters, one for each lamp, are supplied with each complete unit of the Balaji GL108 Navaratna Gem Lamp package.

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