About Clinical Gem Therapy

It's the latest, most innovative technology and it's finally here!


Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom

Over the last decade in Europe, Russia and the United Kingdom pioneering work has been carried out on vibrational healing. During this time Howard Beckman and his wife Jennifer have brought together a concise and conclusive system of Ayurvedic Gem Therapy. Together with the help of their team of scientists and staff, they have produced the Balaji GL108 Navaratna Gem Lamp, the most innovative technology available in the world today for clinical healing with gems. The GL108 enhances the individual gem cosmic rays even further using innovative science on the cutting edge of modern technology. The gem lamps have been used to treat everything from burns, infections and sprains to depression and neurological disorders. All with outstanding results.

Vibrations of Life


There exists a vibrant energy all through the universe that also resides within us. The ancient traditional medical practitioners of India and China knew of its integral relationship with the human body and health maintenance. They called it "Prana" or "Chi". According to the Upanishads and the experience of the seers who composed them, the essence of mind and thought is light. Thought takes many forms - happy thoughts, worrisome thoughts, memories, hopes, dreams and much more - and yet the essence of all thought, the substance of this subtle dimension of living beings is light. A comparable discovery from western science is found in atomic theory. The essence of all material objects is the atom, which is energy. The Sun and its powerful white light is a combination of thermal (heat) rays and electromagnetic (frequencies of color) rays which will enhance the growth and overall well-being of every part of the human organism. Both sunlight and artificial light can be used to help restore physical and psychological health.

Disease and Gem Therapy

The human body is composed of vibrating groups of cells. These cells are in turn made up of the seven cosmic rays in varying degrees. To remain in a healthy state the rays within the cells should be in a state of equilibrium. Disease occurs by the outward and inward actions of the individual. The body's natural defense manages to adjust when up to two cosmic rays are disturbed and through proper maintenance it can right itself. But when three or more cosmic rays are disturbed, the body will succumb to disease.

Certain gemstones are recognized to be storehouses of the individual cosmic
rays. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Judaic cultures used gems for
healing, but it was the Vedic culture of India that gives the most
comprehensive practice of gem therapy. Particular gems were connected to
specific cosmic rays; Ruby/red ray, Pearl/orange ray, Red coral/yellow,
Emerald/green, Yellow Sapphire/blue ray, Diamond/White Sapphire/Indigo and
Blue Sapphire/violet. These in turn are connected to specific energies or
doshas within the body and mind. Gem therapy is usually administered by gem
tinctures, Ayurvedic gem medicines or rings and amulets.

Only natural gems are used, as their vibration is the same as the
corresponding rays. Glass and synthetic or heated gems do not vibrate at the
same specific level and therefore will not give the same results.

Healing with Color

Our sun emits the most of its radiation in the visible range, which our eyes
perceive as the colors of the rainbow. Colors are light waves of specific lengths. In modern times Sir Isaac Newton, credited with discovering the lawof gravity, also found that when sunlight was passed through a prism sevendistinct and separate colors were observed. These are the colors of the visible spectrum, known as VIBGYOR rays, which consist of Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Violet being the shortest wave length and red being the longest. These colors are the colors that are seen in the rainbow as rays of sunlight are refracted through tiny droplets of moisture that are acting like prisms. There are two invisible colors above and below the visible spectrum known as infrared and ultraviolet. They are the visible (and invisible) components of vibrations of all types, and we (as are all things in creation) are composed of these cosmic rays.

Atoms and molecules contain electrons. It is often useful to think of these electrons as being attached to the atoms by springs. The electrons and their attached springs have a tendency to vibrate at specific frequencies. Similar to a tuning fork or even a musical instrument, the electrons of atoms have a natural frequency at which they tend to vibrate. When a light wave with that
same natural frequency strikes an atom, then the electrons of that atom will be set into vibrational motion. If a light wave of a particular frequency strikes a substance with electrons having the same vibrational frequencies, then those electrons will absorb the energy of the light wave and transform it into vibrational motion.

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