Heal and Rejuvenate with Gem Therapy

The History of Gem Therapy
Precious gems were highly valued for their esoteric healing abilities in ancient Persia, India, Greece and Jewish cultures. There is evidence of systematic mining in Egypt over 7,000 years ago, as well as in the Oxus Valley of Afghanistan.

Ancient Indian scriptures known as the "Vedas" contain the most complete descriptions and scientific knowledge of gemstones, their description, potencies and prescriptions for effective usage. Instructions on their uses are found especially in the texts of the “Jyotish texts” and the “Guruda Purana”. Over 5,000 years old, they give detailed descriptions of the uses of gemstones as remedial measures to counter imbalances in an astrological horoscope by the wearing of gems on the body. Uses of gems in preparing elixirs and medicines to be taken internally were also spoken of.

Historically, Kings and Queens from around the world wore gems on their crowns, originally as a means of expanding their influence throughout the kingdom. Most crowns sat upon the head so that the main gem in the center would touch the middle of the forehead (third eye).

Our Western system of birthstones traces its origin to the Breastplate of the High Priest, also known as the Breastplate of Aaron. In the Bible, Moses gave specific rules governing the “Breastplate of Judgement” which was set with 12 gems. Each gemstone was engraved with a name of one of the tribes of Israel. To this day gems adorn the miter of the Pope and Bishops of the Christian churches.

During the renaissance period in
Europe, the great physician, Paracelsus used medicines made from crushed gems. Unfortunately, after this period, most of the herbal doctors and their use of gemstone healing disappeared.

Over the past two hundred years allopathic medicine put a stranglehold on any advancement in holistic medicines. Throwing the baby out with the bath water, they rejected everything that was not “scientifically” proved.

Only now are they beginning to see the potential held in crystals and gems, quartz crystals are used in timepieces, rubies in lasers and diamonds in super computers.

At Balaji Gem Instruments we have gone even further by merging this ancient gemstone knowledge of healing and modern day technology together to produce the Balaji GL108 Navaratna Gem Lamps, the most sophisticated method of gem treatment being used in the
world today. 

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