Heal and Rejuvenate with Gem Therapy

Vibrational Healing
The source of all energy, the force of life, in our solar system is the Sun. No matter that we would give plants water and necessary nutrients, without the Sun’s energy they will soon die. Most life as we know it cannot live without the energy of the Sun.
In India and surrounding countries of Burma, Tibet, etc. this life force is called "prana". The Chinese call it "chi" and the Japanese refer to it as "ki". Regardless of the name it is the sustaining force of biological life.

For one capable of seeing the energy force that emanates from the body, waves of energy are seen in various colors. This is called the "aura", and advances such as Kirlian photography have made it possible for anyone to view this force without possessing advanced psychic capabilities. It has been clearly shown that poor diet; lack of exercise, and emotional anxiety sap our life force biologically. When this biological energy becomes low our immune systems are weakened and disease invades the body. This energy does not last eternally within our bodies for we all are susceptible to illness at times, and certainly none can escape eventual death.
Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners of Oriental medicine make an evaluation of the level of the prana, chi, or life force within the body before proceeding to diagnosis of particular diseased conditions. Different methods of stimulating the energy levels are called for, be it changes in diet, taking herbs, oils, massage, exercise or acupuncture, but the most powerful medicines are made from precious gems. In India these preparations are called "bhasmas" (medicines made from burning the gems to ash) or "pisthis" (medicines made from crushed gems such as pearls or coral. Therapists both in the U.S. and abroad also produce gem tinctures.

Vibrational Cosmic Energy in Gems
Gems contain wavelengths of cosmic color, just as the Sun’s rays contain pure life force. The gems must be untreated by man, except for cutting and polishing to have any effect whatsoever. That the majority of gems we find in jewelry stores are heat-treated, irradiated, etc. is mostly unknown to the public. Treated gemstones have lost their ability to infuse "pranic" energy to the wearer. Therefore in gem therapy we take special care and efforts to obtain gems that have not been treated to improve their physical appearance. Such gems are super concentrated storehouses of cosmic energies that vibrate at different frequencies and wavelengths depending on the gem used.

The light of the Sun is made of seven visible bands of color, and two that are invisible, each of which has a different frequency. We can view the visible colors of the spectrum in a rainbow. Ultraviolet and infrared rays are the invisible bands. Lower frequency infrared rays pass through the body when we are next to a heater or fire. They speed up the activity of electrons in the cells and make us feel warm. Cold weather slows down our vibrational rate and we must burn extra calories to stay warm.

A wonderful example of the potency of gems is the ruby laser used in hospitals. It is so hot that it cuts through almost any substance known to man. Other gems also influence cellular behavior, as do the infrared rays of fire. Different gems emanate different cosmic colors that affect living organisms in different ways.

Cosmic Healing Colors of Gemstones
Gems emit different frequencies of color that are not necessarily the colors we perceive with our naked eyes. With the aid of a prism this phenomenon is easily seen. The ruby does emit the red cosmic ray, and the emerald does emit the green cosmic ray, but the other gems emit a cosmic color different from what we would think from their appearance.
Pearls emit the orange band of wavelength. Red coral emits a yellow cosmic ray. Yellow sapphire actually emits a blue cosmic ray (akin to the color of the sky). Diamond emits an indigo blue cosmic ray, and blue sapphire emits the violet band of the color spectrum. The cosmic rays of hessonite and chrysoberyl cats-eye cannot be seen, but hessonite emits the coldest ray of ultraviolet, and chrysoberyl cats-eye emits the infrared cosmic wavelength. All together these gems together are storehouses of the 7 visible and 2 invisible bands, which together comprise what we see as white light.

Rubies are "hot" gems (note the use in lasers as mentioned) so we use them to treat illnesses coming from cold or damp. In India and Tibet especially doctors treat anemia, low blood pressure, lack of energy, or constipation with ruby. Such diseases are "cold" and employing ruby will raise the body temperature, increase metabolic rate, circulation and muscle tone. Ruby is very helpful for those with weight problems, or just heavy body types that have slow biological functions. It is used to treat low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat or palpitations, paralysis, and general debility. The energy of a ruby is hot, drying, energizing, and expanding.

Pearls are cooling and thus used to treat diseases arising from too much heat. It can be used for high blood pressure, asthma, flu, pneumonia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, or chickenpox. It is also effective against high acidity or conjunctivitis, as well as treating emotional fears, bad dreams, excessive anger, or hysteria. The pearl’s energy is anti-allergenic, moist, and harmonizing.
Red Coral is warming and used to treat colic, gall stones, hemorrhoids, warts, and liver problems such as jaundice and hepatitis. It is enlivening and cleansing for the body.

Emerald is often used to treat burns, colitis, cystitis, diarrhea, heartburn, eczema, gastritis, inflammation, stomach ulcers, and even anorexia. Its energy is cold, analgesic, unifying, and solidifying. It is to be used against disease caused by an excess of heat in the body.
Yellow Sapphire with its blue rays may be used for swollen glands, mumps, ulcers in the mouth, abscess, coughs, goiter, pancreas disorders, and obesity. Its energy is cool, soft, satisfying, and antiseptic. This stone is also helpful in bolstering the body’s immune system if worn on the body as a ring or necklace.

Diamond is prescribed for sterility, as well as problems related to menopause. It can be used effectively in treating diabetes, epilepsy, and depression. It is an antidepressant and antiseptic and its energy is invigorating, stimulating and clarifying.
Blue Sapphire is effective for pain such as backache, joint pain and headaches. It has shown good results in treating earache, gout, inflammations, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, alopecia, laryngitis, neuralgia, lumbago, vertigo, and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, as well as many other maladies. The energy of this gemstone is cool, soothing, sedative, tranquilizing, analgesic, and antispasmodic.

Frequencies in healing and  electronic gem therapy
Every mother has experienced and naturally knows that rocking a crying baby back and forth once or twice a second encourages the child to sleep. What is occurring is that the rhythm is bringing about Delta brain waves. Massage can also induce Delta brain waves, as well as Alpha or Theta. These are the most important frequencies for healing. Delta waves are 0.1-3.2 megahertz, or cycles per second, and heal pain for they induce deep relaxation and sleep. Theta waves pulse at 3.2-7.8 megahertz and are used to heal trauma. They exist while dreaming, in deep meditative trance, or under hypnosis. Alpha waves pulse at 7.8-14 megahertz and heal through allowing an internal "balancing". We are relaxed and our attention is divided between internal affairs and the external world. Beta waves pulse at 14-25 megahertz and keep us focused on the external affairs of our lives being of an invigorating nature. High Beta waves are over 25 cycles per second and are never used in healing. This is the state of brain function under high anxiety, panic attacks, or schizophrenia.

In Europe health care professionals are on the cutting edge of technology in gem therapy. Not only alternative practitioners are using it, but also traditional allopathic medical doctors have found its use so successful that the technology’s use is increasing rapidly. The most successful of these instruments combines the use of gems, color filters, frequency, and electronic amplification. The therapy is extremely versatile and effective for the majority of disorders of the body.

These electronic gem therapy instruments use low voltage lamps with three powerful lenses to focus the light beam. Inside are placed specific gems and color filters. The lamps are plugged into a precision electronic instrument that has digital monitors to display vibrational rate and intensity that can be adjusted with controls on the panel. By combining the natural healing frequencies with the gems and color filters the vibrational rate of cells, organs, or glands in the body are affected, thereby increasing the "pranic" or "chi" energies inherent within them.

Health care workers using acupuncture or acupressure can use the gem lamps on the acupuncture points, marma points, or meridians of the body. The chakras can also be energized using the appropriate gemstones. This balances the patient’s vibrational rate and increases the biological energy levels. Balancing the chakras accelerates emotional, physical, and spiritual development and can lead to developing higher states of consciousness.

Many people who have experienced the benefits of gem therapy either through wearing natural precious gems on the body or through the use of the electronic instruments with gems have considered it miraculous.

A majority of patients treated to date have gained positive results immediately and experience rapid recoveries. It is not a miracle therapy, though, for it is based on sound scientific principles. The marriage of the ancient science of gem therapy used for thousands of years by cultures east and west combined with electronic instruments has brought a new utility to the science, and without doubt will be further improved upon in the future for even more amazing breakthroughs. As more health care professionals use and experience results using gem therapy we are sure to see effective procedures arising to treat disabling and life-threatening diseases now considered incurable. As the inimitable Ben Franklin once said "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and using this therapy widely to protect against disease will be a giant step towards radiant health for everyone.

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