"When I was diagnosed with Endometriosis my only choice was to have a hysterectomy. Not wanting to undergo surgery I decided to try Gem Therapy. After eight treatments with ruby and chrysoberyl cats-eye I was completely cured and pain-free."
– J.K., England

“Seven years ago I was diagnosed with an STD infection, I became severely depressed and run down knowing that I was carrying this virus around with me.  I had tried everything to no avail. Since having treatments on the gem lamps with the cats-eye ray my symptoms have gone.  Initially I had several “crises” points during the treatments, but was told this is normal when being treated in a holistic way.  Even though this made me despondent I continued on with the sessions.  I feel fantastic and have not had a “breakout” for the last three months. I plan to have “top-ups” every few months.”

– I.L., France

“I had already had a mastectomy on my right breast, after which another tumor was found on my left breast.  After only three treatments on the gem lamps with cats-eye my tumor was diagnosed as benign.  It was so unbelievable that they performed the test twice to make sure they had not made a mistake!  I am thrilled”.

– D.G., New Mexico

“My hormone levels were all over the place and I was approaching menopause and did not want to take HRT.  A friend told me about the gem instruments and I decided to give it a try. I was treated with diamond and emerald and was amazed that after just two treatments I had more energy, less night sweats and I got my libido back, which made my husband very pleased. I intend to continue with more sessions.”
 – P.L., New Mexico

"When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease it was a struggle just to be able to write a sentence legibly. Now after just three treatments with the blue sapphire my writing is legible again"
– D.S., New Mexico

"For years I'd been having anxiety attacks causing high blood pressure for which I was taking prescription medication daily.  I was treated with blue sapphire for my anxiety and ruby for my high blood pressure.  I've had three treatments so far and have not had one anxiety attack, I sleep better and have completely gone off my prescription drugs. I cannot believe the difference the gem treatments made."
– L.L., New Mexico

“My visits began in July '07 to address and clear a major physical/emotional blockage and to hopefully facilitate a pregnancy.  I had been trying to get pregnant for at least two years.  Today, at 44, not only am I happily pregnant, but I have a renewed sense of hope and healing from the transformations that have occurred within me.”
 – K.K., Texas

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